UI/UX Case Study

Café De Pi - UI/UX Case Study

Café De Pi is a French café located in the suburbs of a metropolitan area. Café De Pi famous for café for date, family get together, and co-working space strive to provide advance reservation in hourly basis along with drinks and many dish for lunch and dinner

Zens Clothing - UI/UX Case Study

Zens Clothing is a online clothing store that offers affordable pricing options. The typical user is between 18-30 years old, and most users are college students or early career professionals. Zen’s Clothing goal is to make shopping fun, fast, and easy for all types of users.

Tutor - UI/UX Case Study

Tutor is a Dhaka based online technical skills teaching platform. The Platform needs a tool that helps people learn about new technical skills online easel from there home and implement these skills in there jobs to earn more.

Soulful Valley

Soulful Valley is International Book Writing and Publishing company.

MMS - Landing Page

The 120-Day Ultimate Memoir Writing Challenge Transfer memories into Powerful, lasting, and meaningful memoirs.

LWC - Ladies with Chapters

A platform designed to engage, inspire, and empower women to Live & Love their lives through sharing life’s Chapter Stories. Via weekly podcast, daily blog, monthly community outreach, and quarterly events

Projets Graphic Design

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